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Conley Swofford Media

Conley Swofford Media is an Austin-based public relations company that provides comprehensive and personalized PR services to its clients. In the world of PR, success comes from building relationships with the media and with key decision makers in a particular business. CS Media combines more than 60 years of journalism and public relations experience to turn those relationships into highly effective media campaigns for our clients. Over the years our clients have enjoyed seeing their company or products featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, USA Today, numerous television and radio stations and countless trade publications, both online and print.

Conley Swofford Media delivers the most effective public relations campaigns because of our experience, our contacts, our commitment and track record in the community.IMG_6492

HALL OF FAME:  David Swofford, president of Conley Swofford Media, joins CBS News’ Scott Pelley as member of the prestigious Hall of Fame at the College of Media & Communication at Texas Tech University. Click link for news story and video: